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Any project of construction will be unsuccessful if to try to carry out it without the building equipment. In those days, when it was necessary to construct the house or the Egyptian pyramid, people was in a role of the building equipment. The human material was accessible and cheap. Change of the attitude for people has entailed changes and in the building world. Strong buildings with the least expenses have allowed with technical and chemical progress. And occurrence of the tendency to built high-altitude buildings has made the demands to the building equipment. Now it should carry out not only working function, but also protective, preserving both workers and the population of city from negative consequences of construction.

The factory "Remstroydormash" has passed check by time as in the market of the building equipment we work since 1963. For this period by means of our equipment many buildings have been constructed, and the number of our constant clients includes a lot of the large organizations. The factory is engaged in manufacture and delivery of the equipment for building work: plaster machine station, scaffold, plant on manufacture building wall blocks, plant for hashing and delivery of a mortar-solution, inventory hinge-panel bricklayer platform, block-containers, cabin. Besides our enterprise produces weight slings carrying capacity up to 8 tons. All this is obligatory to be necessary for any building organization with the serious attitude to work.

Having realized, that many building organizations require not only the building equipment, but also in the accompanying goods and services, we began to carry out on the repair base major overhaul of motor-vehicles, auto-and electroloaders. In construction there are no trifles, therefore our factory is engaged in realization of the additional equipment: painting equipment, the equipment for processing a surface, for reception-submission of a solution and concrete, the equipment for furnish of floors, and also welding and the gas-welding equipment. To the organizations which perform works on repair and a lining of road coverings, are offered petrol and electric vibroplates, joint cutter, intended for temperature compensatory seams in concrete and asphalt coverings.

For convenience of our clients ourselves we carry out delivery of the equipment to object of the customer, and also we send a weight any transport in any point of Russia. Having visited our site, you can order at once not only the building equipment, but also various kinds of the additional equipment. But before to make the order, you can familiarize with our production, having learned its characteristics and having seen the price-list. And the arisen questions will answer you all or personally by phone, or by e-mail. In any case you receive the qualified answer to the question.

Our enterprise is interested in expansion of business ties on all territory of Russia and consequently we shall be glad to begin mutually advantageous cooperation with any organization which has shown to us interest. We shall be glad to see you among our constant clients.