The elevate bunker for mortar/concrete "Shoe"

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The capacity (with a platform under the vibrator) is intended for reception of a solution and its submission by means of the crane to a workplace of the bricklayer.

The work principle of a product consists in the following:

  • The bunker is established by the crane on a building site in horizontal position.
  • The concrete mix from a motor vehicle in the bunker is unloaded. Gearing occurs for load-lifting loops of the bunker, and the bunker with concrete moves by the crane to a place of concreting. During work submission of a concrete mix adjust opening of a shutter by means of the handle.
  • The bunker should be stored laid on wooden linings no more than in two of some.

Comparative characteristics:

The name Units BP– 1.0 BP – 1.6 BP – 2.5
Carrying capacity t. 2,5 4,0 6,0
Overall dimensions:
– Length mm. 3300 3360 4350
– Width mm. 1600 1600 1600
– Height mm. 1056 1056 1060
Capacity m3 1,0 1,6 2,5
Mass kg. 480 610 850

Warranty service period of the bunker – 1 year from the beginning of operation, but no more than 18 months from the date of unload from manufacturer.

The sanction № 07-17/1798
at 04.06.2008