Clamp scaffold LSPH-40

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Clamp scaffold LSPH-40 (Setting supporting scaffold) - It is the spatial construction collected from supports, the horizontal and diagonal communications connected among themselves by rotary and not rotary clamps. Clamp scaffold can be applied to buildings and constructions of a complex configuration (balconies, arches, eaves), and also at the inclined bases. The construction of scaffold allows to change over a wide range schemes of skeletons (a step of racks, height of a stage). The basic advantage clamp scaffold is the opportunity to use them as addition to scaffold of other types.

Fastening between elements is carried out by rotary and deaf clamps - can be applied to buildings of a complex configuration both by way of, and on height, and also at the inclined bases. The construction clamp scaffold allows to change over a wide range schemes of a skeleton depending on an outline of a building. They are intended for finishing and repair work on facades of buildings in height up to 40 m, and also for a stone laying of walls of buildings in height up to 20 m.

The joints of supports should be in different levels with the purpose of stability increase of scaffold, within the limits of the first both uppermost stage two-meter and four-meter supports alternate. Scaffold is increased only by four-meter racks in intermediate stage Supports are incorporated by clamps to communications and cross-beams. Cross-beams are incorporated to the fuses, mounted in a facade of the repaired building. The floor on stage of scaffold is gathered from the wooden boards, made of wood of coniferous breeds. Floor boards are established on communication.

Floor can be gathered in all stage in a variant of assembly of scaffold for painting and decorating. People elevate on scaffold is carried out on ladders. The top end of ladders on hooks is hung on cross-beams, and bottom leans on a floor.

Rigidity of woods by the way is provided with installation of the diagonal communications connected to supports by rotary clamp. Diagonal braces are established in two extreme flights of scaffold.

Board planking and protections are established on working stage of scaffold except for floor. Board planking are fixed by cramp - protections by clamps. Scaffolds are equipped with the grounding connected to a support by the trunk for protection against atmospheric electric categories.

Scaffold as a variant of assembly for stone works - are gathered from elements of scaffold for painting and decorating. Distinction consists that fastening of scaffold for stone works to a wall is carried out by the mortgages, pawned in a wall during a laying. Also distinction is in that the floor can be gathered only on three stages from boards for a stone laying.

The name Overall dimensions,
Weight unit,
Support 4m 4200 16,4
Support 2m 2200 8,7
Connection 5,3 5300 20,9
Connection 3,7 3700 15,5
Cross-beam 1940 7,6
Ladder 2415х435 15,5
Rotary clamp 1,2
Deaf clamp 1,2
Fastening to a wall 0,25
Boot 150х150х100 1,5
Packing box 1560х900х900

Bolts, nuts, washers

Scaffold probably to get as the complete set, and by set. In addition the customer can get a wood floor (0,5х2,0) t=25мм.


Indicator Units For painting and decorating For stone works
The maximal height of scaffold m. 40 20
Step of a stage m. 2,0 1,0
Step of frames along a wall m. 2,5 1,5
Width of a stage (pass) between supports of frames m. 1,25 1,4
Quantity of stage of the floor, simultaneously stacked on scaffold items. 19 3
Normative superficial loading Pa (kgf/m2) 200 250
Pipe mm. 48х3,5

The sanction № 34/05 – 289 at 22.04.2002
GOST 27321-87