Plant on manufacture building wall blocks ECKSH

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Plant on manufacture building wall blocks ECKSH is intended for manufacturing concrete stones in the sizes 390х190х188 mm with emptiness both

in the closed premises, and on the open areas at an ambient temperature from +10°С up to +45°С.

Work of plant is based on vibration compaction the concrete mix, installing in cells of the form. Rough rigidity of a concrete mix -15-35 sec. Quantity of simultaneously formed products-6 pieces. Productivity - 0,8 m3/h a concrete mix.


The name Units Value
Type Mobile
Productivity m3/hour 0,8
Quantity of simultaneously formed products: a wall concrete stone unit. 6
The established capacity kW 2,45
Vibrator drive Electromechanical
Vibrator IV-99A-2 unit. 1
Effort to the handle of the lever, no more N 50
Sort of a current of a power line AC
Voltage power line V 380
Frequency of a current Hz 50
Overall dimensions of installation:
– length mm. 1200
– width mm. 1700
– height mm. 1700
Weight kg. 570

Plant on manufacture building wall blocks USB-1-3,USB-1-4

Plant on manufacture building wall blocks USB--1-3, USB--1-4 it is intended for manufacture of building blocks for individual construction of the house, a summer residence, garage and an accomplishment facilities.

Plant should works at an ambient temperature not below-5°С. Plant corresponds to a climatic modification of "0" categories 4 in accordance with GOST 15150.


The name Units USB-1-3 USB-1-4
Type of let out production Building blocks
Overall dimensions of building blocks 390х190х190
Time necessary for one cycle sec. 3 4
Quantity of the building blocks made simultaneously sec. 15-35
Productivity of plant USB-1-3 at manufacturing building blocks for a business hour unit. 60 80
The electric motor АИР-71-А2
Power consumption of the electric drive no more кВт 0,5 0,5
Voltage V 220 220
Current Frequency Hz 50 50
Degree of protection in accordance with GOST 17494 IP44 IP44
Operating mode in accordance with GOST 188-74 S is repeated-short-term
Overall dimensions of installation:
– length mm. 980 980
– width mm. 1020 1180
– height mm. 1300 1300
Weight kg. 105 130
1. The carriage
2. The crossbar
3. The punch stamp
4. The winkle out element
5. The electromotor
6.The supports
7. The wheels
8. The lever
9. The elevating screw
10. The handle
11. The bunker
12. Matrix
13. The actuator
14. Mobile crossbeams