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Scaffold-tower represents the mobile collapsible unit executed according to GOST 28012-89. The Scaffold-tower is intended for finishing, repair and installation works, as inside, and outside of inhabited, civil and industrial buildings. For maintenance of stability the scaffold-tower is supplied by support, which fasten to the basic construction a scaffold-tower. In a working circle frames of a protection are established. Height of a protection from a level of a floor not less than 1,1 m.

Scaffold-tower Scaffold-tower Scaffold-tower Scaffold-tower


The name Units VT-200 «B» VT-250/1,2x2,0 VT-250/2,0x2,0
The maximal height m. 21,3 18,3 19,5
The maximal height of a working platform m. 20,2 17,0 18,3
Normative loading kg force. 200 250 250
Step of a stage m. 2,0 1,2 1,2
Distance between support on length m. 2,1 1,9-4,6 1,9-4,6
Distance between support on width m. 1,45 1,3-4,0 2,1-4,8
The sizes of a working platform m. 1,0x2,0 1,2x2,0 2,0x2,0
Overall dimensions
– Base in gathering mm. - 2490x340 2490x340
– Support frame mm. 2080x1450 - -
– Solebar mm. 1030x2075 1292x1200 2134x1200
– Protection frame mm. 1030x1100 - -
– Horizontal draft mm. 2035 1947x190 1947x190
– Ordinary communication mm. - 1683 1683
– Diagonal Communication mm. 816 - -
– Support lateral mm. 2545 2615 2615
– Protection enclosure mm. - 1292x1200 2134x1200
– Handrail mm. - 1935x110 1935x110
– Floor mm. 2020x450 2000x590 2000x465
– Floor with the hatch mm. 2020x505 2000x590 2000x590

Scaffold-tower VT-200 “B” is made of a pipe 30х30х1,5; 50х25х2,0 (basis); 25х1,5.

Advantage ВТ-250: convenience in transportation as the basis is a folding design.

The sanction №34/04 – 18 at 17.01.2006
TU 5225-008-54681284-2005