The elevate bunker for mortar/concrete "Funnel"

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The BN-1,5.00.00 bunker is intended for reception and a unloading of a concrete mix at manufacturing monolithic concrete and ferro-concrete products in industrial, housing and civil construction.

The bunker is made in a climatic modification V, categories of accommodation I in accordance with GOST 15150-89 for work at temperature from-30 up to +40°С.


The name Units Value
Bunker volume m3 1,5
Limiting carrying capacity, no more kg 4000
Overall dimensions:
– width mm. 2400
– height mm. 1750
Mass, no more kg. 480

The concrete brought by the car-dumper, is unloaded in the reception bunker from a body. The bunker moored for the load-lifting device is transferred by the crane to a place of stacking of concrete and unloads.

For unloading it is necessary:

  • to unfix the handle of a shutter;
  • to pull the handle «on itself » down to opening jaw on necessary size.

Upon termination of work or in the end of change the bunker and especially its shutter should be cleared and washed out.

Into the complete set of delivery enters “Tray” и “Funnel” for mortar

The bunker BN-1,5.00.00, factory number is made and accepted according to obligatory requirements TU 3176-001-01332632-2004, by operating engineering specifications and is recognized serviceable.

The sanction №07-17/1798
at 04.06.2008.