Vibrating electric plate

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Vibrating electric plate is intended for compaction of various kinds of loose and coherent road coverings, such, as sand, gravel, sand-gravel mix, blacktop at realization of the road-building, repair and other works connected with compaction of a surface on limited space.

Compaction of a surface occurs due to the vertical making centrifugal force arising in the electromechanical vibrator.

For compaction of firm coverings, such as a cobble-stone, a stone blocks, footpath the tile and similar is envisaged installation special vibration damper linings on compaction plate.


The name Units VP-1.00.00
Compelling force Н 5000 12000
Vibration frequency Hz 50 50
Dimensions of a working plate mm. 370х420 760х500
Depth of compaction mm. 200…250 300…350
Working speed m/min 10 8
Vibrator IV-99А IV-98А
Nominal capacity kW 0,25 0,6
Frequency Hz 50 50
Voltage VP-1.00.00 (VP-2.00.00), V - 380 (3 phase)
Voltage VP-1.00.00A (VP-2.00.00A), V - 36-42 (3 phase)

Moving vibrating electric plate on a building site to a place of work can be realized on transport wheels (only for VP-2.00.00 and VP-2.00.00А).

The sanction №34/04 – 136 at 03.03.2006
TU 4824-005-14472062-2006