Crane PPK-500

Printer-friendly versionPrinter-friendly versionCrane PPK-500 is intended for elevate and moving of weight at realization building, assembly, repair, load-unloading and other works. The crane running cycle consists of three stages:
  1. Capture of a weight;
  2. Travel trip (moving of a weight, unloading);
  3. Idling (return of the load-lifting mechanism to a starting position).

According to classification crane PPK-500:

  1. As a drive:Electric drive electric motors of an alternating current are used mainly - in cranes with the electric drive.
  2. On a degree of turn:The rotary crane - It has an opportunity of rotation concerning a support.
    Rotary cranes can be fully rotary (a corner of rotation more 360°) and not fully rotary (a corner of rotation less 360°. Crane PPK-500 applies to cranes fully rotary.
  3. As weight picker mechanism:Weight picker mechanism of the crane is the hook. This is most elementary and old device which is widely applied practically in all types of cranes.
  4. Whenever possible transportable:
    • Crane PPK-500 is the crane mobile, movable.
    • Crane PPK-500 is the shift crane - is fixed on the base and has an opportunity of moving by means of load-lifting machines or manually.
PPK-500 is intended for weight elevate with its installation on the ground and overlapping of buildings and constructions. The crane represents a folding design and is intended for realization of operations on elevate and moving of a weight at performance building and repair work.
Crane control is realized by means of the pendant push-button board.
ППК 500ППК 500


Indicator Units Value
Carrying capacity maximal kg. 500
Elevate height maximal:
– at crane installation on the ground m. 4,3
– at installation on overlapping m. 45,0
Start from an axis of rotation m. 2,42
Elevate speed m/min. 17
Corner of turn degree. 360
Overall dimensions:
– length mm. 4140
– width mm. 1690
– height mm. 5380
Crane full weight kg. 910

Conditions of operation:

Temperature range of operation from-40° With up to 40 With. Admissible speed of a wind: for a working condition - 14 km/s; for a non-working condition of 20 km/s. The Admissible bias of a platform for installation of the crane - no more than 3°


  • mobility;
  • reliability caused by simplicity of a design;
  • opportunity of indemnification of a bias of assembly site;
  • presence of the hook suspension brackets height limiter of elevate.