Supporting capture

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Supporting capture

Supporting capture ZO-, slinging for two loops by the crane, moves to a place of warehousing of a brick. The mounter directs capture at the pallet with a brick, lowers it, not leading up to a level of the ground of 80-100 mm, releases emphasizes and fixes them on the pallet.

Rise of capture in weight more than 0,9 tonn is forbidden.

The manufacturer guarantees conformity of supporting capture ZO-0, to requirements TU 4834-003-01332632-2008 and its non-failure operation in current of 6 months from the date of sale by a factory under condition of observance by the consumer of the service regulations established by the maintenance instruction.

Overall dimensions of capture, mm: (1120х1245х1365)
Rise of capture in weight more than 0,9 t. is forbidden
For batch transportation of a brick by pallets of type:
  • POD(M)-520х1030-0,75
  • POD(M)-770х1030-0,9

Type of the pallet Nominal carrying capacity of the pallet, t. The floor nominal sizes of the pallet, mm Weight of the pallet, kg (no more)
POD - on support, wooden 0,75 520х1030 22
POD - on support, metal 0,75 520х1030 22
POD - on support, wooden 0,9 770х1030 25
POD - on support, metal 0,9 770х1030 30

The sanction №07-17/1798
at 04.06.2008