Builder's hoist PMG-1-B

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Builder's mast freight hoist PMG-1-B is intended for elevate building materials, their horizontal submission inside of apertures of buildings (roll out platform) and on a roof.

On building there are many ways to elevate of cargoes on the certain height. However the most convenient and practical is uses of builder's hoist. Owing to ease of installation, durability and reliability builder's hoist allow to save not only your time, but also means. All builder's hoists are projected according to rules PB 10-518-02 Russia Rostehnadzor.

The materials used by manufacture of builder's hoist PMG-1-B, carefully are tested for durability and suitability to building conditions. Cargo building lifts are equipped retarder on a case of emergency breakage of a cargo cable and elements of management of various blocking on working and emergency modes. Such features allow to raise in times safety of use of builder's hoist in building.

Builder's mast freight hoist consists of a mast collected from sections and an elevating roll out platform. For reliable work the builder's hoist is fixed to bearing walls by means of special support.

The builder's hoist corresponds to technical requirements in accordance with GOST 29168.


The name Units Value
Carrying capacity kg. 500
The maximal elevate height m. 49
Elevating speed of cargo km/s. 0,35
Electromotor capacity кВт 4

Into the standard complete set of delivery also enters:

  1. The mechanism of platform promotion
  2. System of switching-off
  3. Siren

Into structure of the basis of the builder's hoist enter:

  1. Brake TKG-160 U2
  2. Electromotor - AIR100L4 4kW/1500 (1081)
  3. Reducer - 1C3U-160-40-11U1
  4. Hoist
  5. Rope 8,3-G-V-C-N-R 1770 GOST 2688-80
  6. Rope 3,6-G-V-C-N-R 1770 GOST 2688-80

pmg1b-turel.jpg pmg1b-scheme.gif
GOST 29168-91
PB 10-518-02
TU 4835-006-54681284-2004