Mortar-concrete box

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Box YRS-500.00.000 and YRS-600.00.000 are intended for reception of a solution and a concrete mix and their submission by crane to a place of stacking.

Characteristics YRS-500.00.000:

The name Units YRS-500.00.000 YRS-600.00.000
Capacity, no more m3 0,25 0,30
Overall dimensions:
– Length mm. 1330 1580
– Width mm. 770 770
– Height mm. 455 455
Mass kg. 60,0 75,0
Carrying capacity kg. 500 600

After the finishing of the works, connected with use of a box, it is necessary for clearing carefully of the rests of a solution and to wash out water.

The sanction №07-17/1798
at 04.06.2008