Scaffold LSPR-200

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Scaffold LSPR-200 Setting saddle scaffold LSPR-200 are intended for finishing and repair work on facades of buildings in height up to 20 m. Scaffold are executed according to GOST 27321-87 and made of a pipe 42х1,5; 35х1,5; 25х1,5.

Setting saddle scaffold for finishing and stone works represent a construction collected from following elements: a frame, a frame with a ladder, diagonal draft, horizontal draft, face projection, daises, anchor elements fastenings to a wall.

The bottom number of frames supports on boots.

Frames (with ladders) and frames (without ladders) are increased one after another up to necessary height.

Frames with ladders are installed in the second and third number from edge of scaffold from double-side and serve for elevate of workers on a working stage.

Frames, with the purpose of stability, communicate among themselves diagonal and horizontal communications in chessboard order from street and communications horizontal from a wall. In scaffold for a stone laying in a penultimate stage diagonal drafts are installed in each flight.

Fastening of scaffold to a wall is realized through anchors.

Scaffold can be got as the complete set, and each element. As a base under a wooden flooring can serve: a skeleton metal (the size 1,0х3,0, it is executed from a pipe 50х25х2,0) or collar -2 pieces (3м, is executed from a pipe 48х3,5).

Image, Notation The name Overall dimensions, mm Mass, kg.
Element P01
Frame with a ladder 2080x1062 13,4
Element P02
Frame without a ladder 2080x1062 11,1
Element P03
Boot (supporting abutment) 100x100x103 0,36
Element P04
Face projection (extra) 1140x45x80 1,4
Element P05
Diagonal communication 3287 6,3
Element P06
Horizontal communication 3050 2,93
Element P07
Fastening to a wall (an anchor, a fuse) 0,25
Element P08
Collar (extra) 3060x65 11,9
Element P09
Floor 3060x500x50 23

For protection against atmospheric electric charges of a scaffold are equipped lighting receiver and grounding.


Indicator Units For painting and decorating For stone works
The maximal height of scaffold m. 30 20
Step of a stage m. 2,0 2,0
Step of frames along a wall м. 3,0 2,0
Width of a stage (pass) between post of frames m. 1,1 1,1
Stage quantity of the floor simultaneously stacked on scaffold шт. 2 (top) 2 (top)
Normative superficial loading Pa (kgf/m2) 200 200

The sanction № 34/05-342 at 03.06.2004
GOST 27321-87