Plant for hashing and delivery of a mortar-solution U342M

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Plant for hashing and delivery of a mortar-solution U342M it is intended for reception of a solution from submitting devices, hashing and heating during storage on building object and also for delivery in the elevating bunker or mortar-concrete box

Work of plant is based on periodic rotation of endless screw, supporting a building mortar solution constant readiness in working order. Plant is equipped by a heating system that allows to use it in a winter season.


The name Units Value
Capacity of plant*
for a full unloading of a mortar solution from amalgamators or dumpers
m3 4
Endless screw diameter mm. 1480
Rotation frequency of endless screw rev/min. 15
Productivity of a unloading liter/min. 500
Capacity of an electroheater:
– base kW 5
– warmed kW 2x5
The electric motor of a drive endless screw:
– Capacity kW 7,5
– Rotation frequency of a electric motor shaft rev/min. 1450
– The general established capacity:
–– base kW 12,5
–– warmed kW 17,5
Overall dimensions of installation:
– Length mm. 4350
– Width mm. 1800
– Height mm. 1950
Weight, not less kg. 2250

Advantages U342M:

  1. The loading volume 4m3, allows to unload a mortar solution from dumpers or amalgamators without expectation tip and-or urgent preparation of additional capacities under a solution not detaining the machine (the amalgamator or a dumper).
  2. The endless screw shaft is integral. Palpation is absent. Durability and reliability.
  3. Endless screw it is made of separate segments that allows to repair it on a place forces of the welder and the mechanic: having turned off, or having cut off bolts - to remove or cut out segments - to establish having fixed bolts.
  4. Use electroheater systems “Beams” (the base complete set 1unit) for heating of a mortar solution in the bunker, carrying out having warmed up and air circulation that conducts to effective and uniform warming up of the bunker. The factor of warming up is less 0,85 (considering feedback of heat in an environment).
  5. The Opportunity of use plant at very low ambient temperatures - reaches due to accommodation of second system “Beam” at will of the customer. The buyer can buy itself system "Beam" and establish in specially made space with the electric socket brought to them that enters into a base complete set.
  6. The lattice preventing hit of large stones in the bunker, is performed according to safety of work of the operator on installation.
  7. It is safety and simplicity of execution of the facilitated and warmed design of a forward cover.
  8. At hit of large rubble and an overload of the mechanism of a endless screw shaft first of all start "to burn" belts, that the effect of burning of belts did not occur, pulleys are executed with the special turned flute under a belt, promoting occurrence of effect sliding belts concerning flutes of a pulley. Thus all details remain the whole, and in time the heard characteristic sound of sliding promotes to duly deenergizing of plant by the operator. More reliable and not unprofitable way for the buyer to avoid breakage of the mechanism of endless screw rotation (clutch, palpation of a shaft, displacement and failure of all mechanism of rotation).
  9. The sizes of a loading window allow the majority of known dumpers to make loading of the bunker without damage of details and units of installation.
  10. The construction and technology of plant sealant of a endless screw shaft was always easy in execution and there is an idle time.
Specifications - TU 4826-005-54681284-2004
The certificate of conformity - №РОСС RU.МР03.В05519